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 Emergency Gap Funding for High Quality Education
Imagine a child enrolled at a high-quality school in rural Moshi, Tanzania.  This is all her mother wants for her child – a chance at a better life that comes from getting a good education.  This child has no father and lives with her mother and a grandmother.  Then her mother gets sick and they can no longer afford school fees.  The girl is shattered – she can no longer attend the school she loves, the place that provides her a high-quality education, a lunch and friendships.  Now what?
Due to the funds provided by Elimu Africa this girl gets to stay in school!  Our funds are used to keep kids in school that otherwise would be unable to attend due to emergency situations like that described above.  And, that story is not uncommon.  Stay tuned for our student profiles coming soon!

Funds Come From our Dala Dala
In March 2017, we’re excited to announce the purchase of our first dala dala!  The revenue from this dala dala will be used to support education in Tanzania.  A dala dala is the main vehicle of transportation in Tanzania, where the majority of people take this economical transport into and around town.  A typical fare is only $.25!  In fact, roughly 85% of all students ride a dala dala to and from school.

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