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 Elimu Africa Comes Full Circle…
When Elimu Africa began, co-founder Kristy Blick was simultaneously supporting Jesca Olotu, an amazing young Tanzanian who has gone on to become a lawyer and create a women’s group that supports, educates and empowers women.  Now, Elimu Africa will use its dala dala proceeds to help educate students from Jesca’s women’s group.  We have seen the power of student sponsorship firsthand.  Now, will you join us to double or triple the impact?
Funds Come From our Dala Dala
In March 2017, we’re excited to announce the purchase of our first dala dala!  The revenue from this dala dala will be used to support education in Tanzania.  A dala dala is the main vehicle of transportation in Tanzania, where the majority of people take this economical transport into and around town.  A typical fare is only $.25!  In fact, roughly 85% of all students ride a dala dala to and from school.

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