All About Elimu Africa

Mission Statement: To help support disadvantaged students in Africa by facilitating their pursuit of education.

Vision Statement: We envision a day when Tanzanian schools require no investment from abroad. Until then, we will support schools in Tanzania.

We are a small grassroots organization founded by a group of volunteers from the United States of America who have been touched by the beauty and the hardships of the people of Africa. We are currently focusing our efforts in Northeast Tanzania. In these areas, school is not free and many families live on only $1.00-$2.00 a day and cannot afford to send their children to school. Our main objective is to help support educational opportunities for disadvantaged people so they can have access to education. The word “Elimu” means education in Swahili, the language of Tanzania. 

Several Elimu Africa board members have traveled to Tanzania and seen firsthand the funding gap that exists between school revenue and basic educational needs. We recognize that education is the best avenue out of poverty. Our goal is to become an agent of change by helping students get their education and break the cycle of poverty. 

The “Small Group of Dedicated Citizens” (aka…Elimu Africa Board of Directors)

Sharon Berglund – “I am married and live in Maple Grove, MN with my husband and 2 daughters, Kristin and Briana and my dog, Lucy.”

Kristy Blick“Back in 2005 when I took a volunteer trip to Tanzania, I wound up with a bigger adventure than expected – eventually co-founding a little non-profit called Elimu Africa.”

Tiffany Duque –  “I truly believe that education is the key to most global issues – whether it is development, health, violence, etc.”

Alysha Illies – “Education is so great! I did a four year degree in three years.”

Dick McMorrow“I Travel to Tanzania annually – I’m an honorary member of the Chagga tribe.”

Tyler McMorrow – “I’ve been to Tanzania once but hope to be back soon.”

Larry Phenow “I hate the name ‘Elimu Africa’ but that doesn’t stop me from working tirelessly for the cause.”

Sabina Smida – “I am the treasurer.”