Dick McMorrow

(March 2018) Off we go!

In one week two board members from Elimu Africa will be heading to Moshi, Tanzania to check on the progress of the dala dala project and meet those students who are benefitting from our unique approach to supporting education in Tanzania. Check back for more details in April!

(February 2018) Introducing Catherine Issack Mdoe

Elimu Africa is proud to provide some financial support to Catherine Issack Mdoe so she can continue her education!

Catherine is a girl of 14 yrs old. she was raised by her grandmother because her parents did not have enough space to live with her. Both of her parents only have primary education only and come from poor families.  She passed at class seven and was chosen to go to government school. Fortunately her father got job with a good company. Jesca, from the Jiendeleze Women’s Group, advised him to take her to a boarding school because it is easier to her to get meals and focus on her studies compared to being at her grandmother’s house. Catherine’s father found a boarding school a bit far from Moshi, in a place called Usangi in Mwanga district. Catherine started secondary there and now she is in Form Two. Unfortunately her father’s job stopped, her parents had another baby and it was hard for them to take care the three kids. Catherine’s grandmother is sick also and depends on them. So they decided to take Catherine out of school because they can’t afford the payment and so she can stay again with her grandmother. With Elimu Africa funding, Catherine can return to school while helping the family.

(January 2018) Sponsoring students from the women’s group in the Moshi area of Tanzania!

Jesca Olotu is one of the most amazing women in the world. Sponsored by Elimu Africa co-founder Kristy Blick so that she could continue her education, Jesca has gone on to law school and to create Jiendeleze Women’s group in Rau (http://jiendelezewomensorg.wixsite.com/jiendeleze). Elimu Africa will begin sponsoring students from the same women’s group that Jesca started. It creates the perfect circle. We have learned that a good sponsorship program can change a village, a town, a country, the world. Here is Jesca in her own words…

“In 2004 I finished form four and I was looking for an English course to improve my English, that is not common in the families like mine here so I had no one to support me. My mom was working as an assistant cooker in the volunteers organization called CCS (Cross Cultural Solutions) which was having many volunteers from USA and UK. I applied to be a local volunteer and my application succeeded. My aim was to learn English in practice because I will be able to talk to people who can’t speak Swahili, get exposure and help volunteers in translations. I believed I did it very good as the compliments I got from volunteers and office the thought I could be a teacher.
This is how I met Kristy Blick, she was a very good friend to me and and later she became a friend of my family. She had an opportunity to learn about families here (Tanzania) and how they have difficulty in paying school fees.
In the meanwhile when she was here my form for results come out and I passed! My mother was stressing how she could manage to make use she support all of us because all of my siblings were also in school.
Kristy did it.
I remember when she was here her and her friends were giving me some money for my needs and decided to open the bank account and started to save for my further education. Fortunately Mama Kristy, on her last day she took me to the bank and deposited money for my school fees and and all school contributions. She explained that she got money from the friends. I went to school in Dodoma and she kept on helping in my education until I finished. Fortunately I passed to the higher level. She once again helped me to go to university. She was doing that with her friends (Elimu Africa) because I was filing the forms and returned the receipts.
She supported all of my education until here I am. I clearly explained to her that I don’t want to became a teacher as many people thought I was very fitting for that but that I wanted to became a lawyer to help women and children’s rights. I am so happy that this is What I achieve.
I support Jiendeleze Women easily because they are in the group and other Women who I met in my daily activities. They have a need to educate their children and be empowered to create the community the desire.
I will be happy to help other kids in needs of education in my community. It was rare for me to get the chance I did. I paid from my pocket to for few things like stationaries or fare. It was difficult see so many others dreams cut off.
Last year I had a girl helping me to do domestic Works (home made) I was paying her little that she get food for her family. It was 40 tsh per month. She was also working to my friend and got 60/70 tsh (all under $1). Then I recommended to my sister’s nursery school and she started to work there as a cleaner. When she was working in my house she was begging me to help his boy to get in school. Unfortunately it took me time to respond because I have many things so I thought can’t directly support him and was thinking of indirect ways. That was her daily prayer to me, early morning in 25th November last year she got in a horrific accident on her way to work and passed away. I remember the first word I heard from her boy is “now will you help me even though she is no longer here?” I now starting the process to get him in vocational training school. Now I can help many more directly and indirectly. Elimu Africa came as my own helper and my wish is to see more kids get in to school. I will support Elimu Africa like they supported me.”

(October 2017) Are You a Change-maker?

Elimu Africa is a small group of dedicated volunteers working to support education in Tanzania. We have a unique design in nonprofit work. Our dala dala drives around the Kilimanjaro region each day. The profit we make from the dala dala goes to fill in the gap so students can continue to get a high-quality education. We provide salaries to a driver, a conductor and our main contact in Moshi that runs the whole project. It’s an exciting time for Elimu Africa. We believe we are supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Specifically, we support goal #4 for Quality Education (read more at https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdg4).
Are you a change-maker looking to make a difference in a vibrant developing economy? Contact me at dmcmorrow@elimuafrica.org and let’s see how we can work together!
Asante Sana!

(September 2017) Don’t you just love it…

when you have an idea, and most people think you’re crazy, and then it actually works?!
At Elimu Africa our crazy idea was to buy a dala dala (local transport van) and use the proceeds from that to fund gaps in quality education for kids. Guess what? In August we made our first payment to a school and received our first quarter repayment on our purchase of the dala dala. Now, what feels best is that we are good stewards of every dollar donated to Elimu Africa, that we can continue to increase the chances of kids getting a high quality education, and that soon we can expand to even more dala dalas and make an even bigger impact!
If you’re reading this, it means you probably have already donated. Thank you! If not, click on over to the How You Can Help section and give us a little donation to help in our purchase of a 2nd dala dala. Or help by spreading the word…”hey, did you hear about this crazy little nonprofit that invests in Africa? They’re using the money to keep kids in high-quality schools!”

(August 2017) Emergency Gap Funding for Quality Education

Imagine a child enrolled at a high-quality school in rural Moshi, Tanzania.  This is all her mother wants for her child – a chance at a better life that comes from getting a good education.  This child has no father and lives with her mother and a grandmother.  Then her mother gets sick and they can no longer afford school fees.  The girl is shattered – she can no longer attend the school she loves, the place that provides her a high-quality education, a lunch and friendships.  Now what?
Due to the funds provided by Elimu Africa this girl gets to stay in school!  Our funds are used to keep kids in school that otherwise would be unable to attend due to emergency situations like that described above.  And, that story is not uncommon.  Stay tuned for our student profiles coming soon!

(July 2017) Up and Running!

Thanks to so many of our supporters and the work of our contacts in Tanzania, our dala dala is up and running!  In fact, we showed a profit in our first month which means money has been donated to our beneficiary school, Holy Childhood Pre and Primary School near Himo, Tanzania.  In less than one week I will be in Moshi to check on the progress of our dala dala and to lead a group of students from Cathedral High School.  I return in August and I will post lots of pictures and videos and have a solid impact statement from Sister Macrina at Holy Childhood.

Stay tuned!

(June 2017) Progressing slowly with Dala Dala

As happens sometimes, reality smacked us in the face in the last few weeks.  Elimu Africa was progressing nicely into our dala dala project.  Those who have supported us in the past were excited to learn that a dala dala has been purchased, a route has been obtained and our primary contact in Moshi, Juma, was about to hire the driver and conductor.  All this so we can donate $200 per month to our first beneficiary school – Holy Childhood Pre and Primary School near Himo in the Kilimanjaro region.

Then, suddenly and really without warning, Juma’s wife Opportuna, at the age of 39 died.  Our hearts broke when we heard the tragic news.  She leaves behind a husband, a son in secondary school, a son in primary school and a daughter about to begin preschool.  Obviously, everything related to Elimu Africa in Tanzania has been put on hold.

Today (June 12) I was informed by Juma that he is back in Moshi and trying to get back into a “normal” life.  The dala dala began running officially six days ago.  And while we know this is welcome news, we realize that it may take awhile to get into full operation mode.  So, we progress slowly but certainly to meet our mission of supporting high-quality education in Tanzania.

(May 2017) Holy Childhood School Chosen as 1st Beneficiary School

Holy Childhood Pre and Primary School, located in a village just outside of Himo, Tanzania has been chosen as the first beneficiary school from Elimu Africa.  Himo is about 4o minutes from Moshi.  Sister Macrina, the leader of Holy Childhood school promises to use the proceeds from Elimu Africa so that up to 20 students who otherwise could not afford the high-quality education at Holy Childhood will now be able to attend school.  Access to high-quality education is limited in this area and Sister Macrina and her staff have a proven track record of success.  Elimu Africa has worked with Sister Macrina before and we are excited to join her in support of education in Tanzania once again.  Proceeds from our dala dala will go to support Holy Childhood school.