(June 2017) Progressing slowly with Dala Dala

As happens sometimes, reality smacked us in the face in the last few weeks.  Elimu Africa was progressing nicely into our dala dala project.  Those who have supported us in the past were excited to learn that a dala dala has been purchased, a route has been obtained and our primary contact in Moshi, Juma, was about to hire the driver and conductor.  All this so we can donate $200 per month to our first beneficiary school – Holy Childhood Pre and Primary School near Himo in the Kilimanjaro region.

Then, suddenly and really without warning, Juma’s wife Opportuna, at the age of 39 died.  Our hearts broke when we heard the tragic news.  She leaves behind a husband, a son in secondary school, a son in primary school and a daughter about to begin preschool.  Obviously, everything related to Elimu Africa in Tanzania has been put on hold.

Today (June 12) I was informed by Juma that he is back in Moshi and trying to get back into a “normal” life.  The dala dala began running officially six days ago.  And while we know this is welcome news, we realize that it may take awhile to get into full operation mode.  So, we progress slowly but certainly to meet our mission of supporting high-quality education in Tanzania.

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