(September 2017) Don’t you just love it…

when you have an idea, and most people think you’re crazy, and then it actually works?!
At Elimu Africa our crazy idea was to buy a dala dala (local transport van) and use the proceeds from that to fund gaps in quality education for kids. Guess what? In August we made our first payment to a school and received our first quarter repayment on our purchase of the dala dala. Now, what feels best is that we are good stewards of every dollar donated to Elimu Africa, that we can continue to increase the chances of kids getting a high quality education, and that soon we can expand to even more dala dalas and make an even bigger impact!
If you’re reading this, it means you probably have already donated. Thank you! If not, click on over to the How You Can Help section and give us a little donation to help in our purchase of a 2nd dala dala. Or help by spreading the word…”hey, did you hear about this crazy little nonprofit that invests in Africa? They’re using the money to keep kids in high-quality schools!”

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