(April 2017) The dala dala dream begins!

In 2015 Elimu Africa began the transformation from a “fundraise and donate” organization to one based on the ideals of social entrepreneurship.  Over the course of the next 18 months the board debated several models before deciding on the purchase of a dala dala (what exactly a dala dala is is listed on the home page and more information can be found on wikipedia here: dala dala).  But, as these less than perfect photographs show, in April of 2017 Elimu Africa became official owners and operators of a dala dala.  The timing could not be better – Easter, the time of resurrection, is the perfect time for the re-birth of Elimu Africa!

Revenue from this running of this dala dala will support a worthy school in the Moshi area of Tanzania.  As we expand to more dala dala’s we can help more schools and more disadvantaged students will receive a high-quality education.

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